UX/UI | Branding

Chappy is a unique social media app designed for book enthusiasts who are passionate about reading. It offers a platform for users to document the books they read and fosters a sense of community among avid readers. One of Chappy’s standout features is the creation of reading challenges that encourage users to engage in more reading, helping to combat the decline in reading habits.


In a world filled with numerous social media apps, there was a notable absence of platforms catering specifically to book lovers. As people’s reading habits diminished, there was a need for an app that could reignite the joy of reading and provide a space where book enthusiasts could connect. The challenge was to design an app that not only stood out among the crowded app market but also motivated users to read more actively.


The solution was to create Chappy, an enticing social reading app that inspires users to read more and build a vibrant reading community. The key to Chappy’s success was its focus on engaging challenges. These challenges were carefully designed to push users to read more books, explore different genres, and connect with other readers. The app’s user-friendly interface and visually appealing design made it a platform that people want to use regularly. Chappy’s mission is not just to provide a space for book enthusiasts but also to rekindle the joy of reading.

© Emily Raspe