Jakob Demus

UX/UI | Branding

Jakob Demus is a contemporary printmaker located in Austria, renowned for his expertise in the diamond-drypoint technique. With a profound commitment to printmaking, Demus has amassed an impressive collection of over 400 prints.

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Jakob Demus faced the challenge of effectively presenting his extensive portfolio of prints on a website. This portfolio comprised over 400 pieces, necessitating a well-organized and user-friendly platform. Furthermore, the artist preferred to avoid using content management systems (CMS), requiring manual coding.


The solution for Jakob Demus involved crafting a custom website for his extensive print collection, ensuring an optimal user experience. This single-page platform categorized prints by topics and incorporated anchor points for easy navigation. To streamline the image management process, a PHP script facilitated bulk image uploads, saving time and effort. Additionally, lazy loading was implemented to maintain fast page loading speeds despite the inclusion of numerous high-resolution images. The result is a visually captivating and user-friendly portfolio website.

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