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NIKA is a website that is addressing the stigmatization and misunderstanding of dyslexia. By breaking down the topic into five phases, NIKA encourages empathy and understanding, ultimately working towards a more inclusive society where individuals with dyslexia are valued and supported.
NIKA is the result of my bachelorthesis.


Dyslexia is still highly stigmatized in society, leading individuals who have dyslexia to encounter numerous challenges in their daily lives. The lack of awareness and understanding of dyslexia often results in frustration, and missed opportunities for those affected. This issue prompted the need for a solution to dispel misconceptions and educate the public about dyslexia.


The NIKA project aimed to tackle the problem of dyslexia stigma and lack of awareness. The solution was thecreation of a website structured into five informative phases. Each phase was designed to engage and educate users about dyslexia, its challenges, and the experiences of individuals with dyslexia.

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